Digital Performance in Las Vegas: What to Expect from Dynatrace Perform 2018

Original Entry by : Mark Evans

We’re excited to be returning to Dynatrace Perform this year and will be showcasing our products in the exhibition hall. The show runs from Monday 29th to Wednesday 31st January, and we are a gold sponsor again this year.

Our partner, Dynatrace, is expecting more than 3,000 digital performance experts from across the globe to gather at The Bellagio in Las Vegas – yes that’s the hotel with the famous fountain!

At Perform, attendees will find out what’s new and learn about the latest trends in digital performance management.

The three days will feature a combination of training classes, live speaker sessions and keynotes on a diverse range of topics, including:

  • Artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things
  • Cloud innovation and automation
  • Container and microservices monitoring
  • DevOps best practices and digital experiences
  • Unified enterprise monitoring

We really enjoyed last year’s event, where we had a lot of interest from DC RUM users wanting to hear about how EndaceProbes can be used to provide back-in-time analysis of historical performance. This is something that can be accomplished using the Playback function of EndaceProbes – and provides a powerful tool for investigating issues that may have been missed, or unreported when they initially occurred.

This year, we are looking forward to attending some of the sessions by speakers from leading global organizations, such as Microsoft, PayPal, Virgin Money, and Mastercard, to name a few.

If you’re attending Dynatrace Perform this year, stop by and meet the Endace team. We’ll be on-hand showing how Dynatrace’s Agentless Monitoring Device (AMD) can be hosted on EndaceProbe’s in Application Dock, and how by clicking on an alert in the Dynatrace Central Analysis Server (CAS), the packets relating to the alert can instantly be retrieved from EndaceProbes for analysis using Dynatrace Network Analyser (DNA) or Wireshark.

We’ll also be demonstrating how, together, EndaceProbes and Dynatrace’s DC RUM (Data Centre Real User Monitoring) streamline real-time application performance investigations and provide definitive evidence for troubleshooting network and application performance problems. And how EndaceProbes can also host, and integrate with, other analytics applications such as network security or performance monitoring tools.

We look forward to meeting you at Perform and explaining more about how Endace’s technology delivers a unique advantage to DevOps, NetOps, IT Operations and SecOps teams responsible for ensuring the performance, reliability, and security of applications.