Packets Are The Ultimate Forensic Evidence, says Cisco’s Doug Hurd

Original Entry by : Sebastian Mackay

Most organizations are overwhelmed by alerts, and 93% are unable to triage all relevant threats. On average, organizations are unable to sufficiently investigate 25% of their alerts.

(McAfee Lab’s Dec 2016 Quarterly Threat Report)

Organizations everywhere are flooded with alerts and many security teams are drowning under the deluge.

So what can security teams do to get ahead of this flood of alerts and keep their heads above water?

We posed that question – and others – to Cisco’s Alliances and Integrations Manager, Doug Hurd.

Watch this short video to hear what he had to say about the value of full packet data and why it is such a powerful complement to Cisco Firepower and Stealthwatch and how integrating Endace’s Network History can help security teams resolve alerts faster and more accurately.

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