Securing the Evidence of Network Threat Propagation

Original Entry by : Matt Walmsley

“Spot the bad guys, stop the bad guys,” are rational and valid goals when it comes to securing your network. In fact, many organisations commit the majority of their security resources and investment to defense and detection, often by deploying automated technologies and solutions. But by their very nature, such solutions focus on protecting against known vulnerabilities and threats, have little context of your own network and can’t be a complete security solution.

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Going for the Gold with Next Generation EndaceDAG Data Capture Cards

Original Entry by : Rick Trujillo

Okay, I admit it I am a big sports fan, and just like many of you, I enjoy watching great competitions, unlike this year’s Super Bowl. That is unless of course  you’re a Seahawks fan. But every two years, we get treated to the Olympic Games. Whether they are the winter or summer games, the excitement and competition of each event include outcomes determined by fractions of a second. The Olympic judges have the benefit of precise timing equipment and instant replay to make decision on scoring each athlete. They are well aware that the accuracy of this equipment can be the difference between gold, silver or bronze, or maybe missing the podium altogether, not to mention national pride.

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How to Keep Sochi From Sucking Up Bandwidth

Original Entry by : Mike Heumann

The Sochi Winter Olympics are officially underway, and as you may have seen, NBC will once again be providing viewers access to live streaming in a multitude of mediums. On the NBC Olympics page, computer users can enter their cable or digital television provider personal user name and password and watch live video of the events. Mobile viewers can also download the free NBC Live Extra App. The iPhone, Droid and iPad app will have live and recorded events, and on demand HD video.  And for the first time, NBC Universal will stream video on Facebook as part of a partnership deal with the social media giant.

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