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VMworld has been the IT community’s premier source for gaining knowledge of virtualization and cloud computing technologies for more than ten years now. With hands-on labs, high-impact breakout sessions, and opportunities to network, VMworld brings together key innovators like Endace to help define, shape and execute customer’s business objectives.  This year’s key discussion topic centers on how the software-defined data center is extending virtualization across storage, networking and security.

As a long-standing partner of VMware, Endace plays an active role in managing, monitoring and securing virtualized data centers through our extensive portfolio of network monitoring solutions. At Endace, we make troubleshooting easier for virtualized server and software-defined networking (SDN) environments because the easier the data center is to manage, the bigger your return IT cost investment.

Virtualization – Address the hurdles ahead of time

Today, most large organizations are fully invested in the network tools necessary to PREVENT and DETECT many, if not most, security and network related application performance problems associated with virtualized data center deployments. However, despite the abundance of these tools, organizations are still struggling with effective problem remediation and network forensics due to a lack of any real historical network visibility. In our view, this absence of real-time and historical network visibility is an issue that every large organization with will need to tackle to effectively manage their virtualized data centers, including controlling their operational costs and extracting the full value from their IT investments.

Whereas once diagnosing and troubleshooting problems was a fairly straightforward affair, it has now become a complex and highly time-sensitive activity that is made all the more challenging by the fact that most of the DETECTION tools in use today are fundamentally unable to cope with the throughput demands of real 10Gb Ethernet (10GbE) environments. For the largest organizations deploying virtualized data centers, the cost of impaired network performance and/or unplanned downtime is measured in millions of dollars per hour, which makes rapid incident RESPONSE and ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS a business imperative. Yet despite this fact, most organizations are significantly under-invested in the visibility infrastructure necessary to provide engineers and analysts with the information that they need to pinpoint the root cause of issues and respond effectively to network, application and security problems.

Endace – Providing network visibility and security for the virtualized data center

To cope with the demands of today’s virtualized data center, organizations need to adopt a fundamentally different approach to network visibility and security. To become truly responsive and address the issues identified organizations need to pro-actively capture and record their network traffic in order that they can use network history to respond to network and security issues quickly AND efficiently, safe in the knowledge that they’ve got all of the information that they need. This is where Endace comes along…

The Endace’s network visibility and network recording products are trusted by large organizations all over the world to measure, monitor, analyze, protect and troubleshoot some of the fastest and most complex Virtualized datacenters on earth. By employing EndaceProbe Network Recorders, NetFlow Generator, and EndaceVision products, you can manage virtualized deployments by accelerating response times for network and security issues, maximize IT risk management and improve operational efficiency to capitalize on network uptime.


  • Purposely build for Intelligent Network Traffic Recording
  • Capture, index and record network traffic with 100% accuracy at 10Gbps
  • Investigate security issues and  manage compliance
  • Visualize, search & retrieve network traffic

Endace NetFlow Generators

  • Support for exporting IP Flow information records
  • Support for template-based flow record formats
  • Autonomous System (AS) support
  • Combined flow analytics with packet-level analytics


  • Helps NetOps & SecOps teams investigate and resolve a wide-range of network related problems
  • Makes recorded network traffic 100% searchable
  • Search, visualize and interrogate historical network traffic recorded by EndaceProbes
  • Connect to exact packets to respond correctly and establish the true root cause of network problems

Keep in mind; “network recording” is a feature of products that falls under network performance management (NPM), application performance management (APM), and the network security forensics markets. The latest industry data finds that the network recording market earned revenue of $345.5 million in 2012 and estimates this to reach $2.04 billion in 2020.[1]

Visit Endace at VMworld from August 25th – 28th in San Francisco. You can find us at booth #505 and we will be happy to tell you more about what we can do for you! We will also be presenting throughout the week in our booth theater, on the topic of “Why do network recording and search matter?” at Monday at 12, Tuesday at 1 and Wednesday at 4.  Look forward to seeing you all there.

[1] Frost and Sullivan, Analysis of Globar Network Recording Market, 2013



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