Of NetFlows, Network Security and the Godfather…at Interop NY 2013

There is something very “je ne sais quoi” about traveling to New York which brings out the “I wanna be Michael Corleone” in me. The first step in my ritualistic preparatory precursor is that I break out my extensive catalog of Frank Sinatra tunes and drink a stiff martini (dirty, with extra olives).  Every time I leave for New York, I take the time to re-learn every quotable line from my Godfather trilogy Blu-Ray box set (well, except for part three because it was a travesty) because having a tradeshow in New York and not honing in my “Godfather” lingo would be sacrilegious when speaking to partners and customers. It’s equally crucial to maintain that visage of confidence and cool collectiveness that only Marlon Brando could pull off while sitting at the table during one of his many sit-downs (or Robert DeNiro in “The Godfather Part II”). That said, the standard khaki slacks and one-size fits all black company logoed trade-show booth pullover are not exactly the cut of clothes that Michael Corleone favored, so I guess I’ll have to keep dreaming…

Speaking of shady characters and the underworld, you’ve got to hand it to them for adapting their crime expertise to suit the latest trends and racket potentials. The days of high-jacking trucks carrying $100K in Marlboro cigarette cases is a relic of the past. Why settle for a paltry sum of cash and risk getting lung cancer when it’s far more profitable to sit behind a computer and hack into a bank or government agency’s firewall? Large, organized crime syndicates have been launching sophisticated attacks against individuals and major corporations for decades. The result of their efforts is the theft of billions of dollars every year, and a large, ongoing presence in many of our most sensitive computer systems.  Check out this intriguing statistic:

“Russian-speaking hackers earned an estimated $4.5 billion globally using various online criminal tactics and are thus responsible for 36% of the estimated total of $12.5 billion earned globally by cybercriminals in 2011.¹”

The report I just cited goes on to say there is “an explosive increase of attacks” in the financial sector and online banking fraud is one of the fastest growing segments of cybercrime, with a big increase in 2011. What’s interesting is even non-technical criminals have also begun trying their luck in cybercrime, leading to an increase of outsourcing services such as consulting, training, and the sale of malware. All of these trends lead the researchers to conclude that “the Russian cybercrime market is experiencing a period of dynamic transition from a quantitative state to a qualitative one, moving away from the chaotic model of the development of the cybercrime world.”1

Endace – Helping Data Centers Take a Bite out of Crime!

At Endace, we live, breath and even dream about Information Security (InfoSec) because it’s our lifeblood and defines who we are. Interop NY offers the perfect setting to bring our vast knowledge of all things InfoSec to thought leaders from all facets of the InfoSec world – targeting the corporate and government sectors. And as part of Interop, we are proud to announce the new EndaceFlow™ 3040 NetFlow generator appliance. The EndaceFlow 3040 is purpose-built for use with high-density 10Gb Ethernet (10GbE) networks, and generates 100 percent accurate NetFlows on up to four Ethernet links at speeds up to 10Gb per second (10Gbps) line rate. This level of performance speeds detection, identification and resolution of critical security and network issues, improving network uptime and reducing operational expenditures (OPEX) in enterprise data centers. As enterprises become more complex, NetOps and SecOps personnel are looking for new ways to improve their network visibility to ensure network security, guarantee performance of network-centric applications and to verify compliance with service level agreements (SLAs). Existing 10GbE NetFlow generators only provide sampled data on 10GbE links, as do switches and routers that are capable of generating NetFlow. Additionally, NetFlow generation on switches and routers significantly impacts their performance, especially during denial-of-service attacks. These sampled NetFlows don’t provide the visibility necessary to resolve critical network issues. By providing unsampled NetFlows, the EndaceFlow 3040 provides complete visibility in 10GbE networking environments.

By providing 100 percent NetFlow generation, new threats to network security and performance can more easily be detected, identified and resolved, resulting in detection of a wider range of network anomalies and intrusions in the security operations space, to identification of network choke points that impact application performance, and can be further treated with packet-based network recording and analysis tools.

Together with EndaceProbe™ Network Recorders and EndaceVision™,  you can manage InfoSec deployments by accelerating response times for network and security issues, maximize IT risk management and improve operational efficiency to capitalize on network uptime.

Swing by our booth

Ok, I know my handsome mug alone won’t get you to come talk to us, so how about you visit our Interop booth #728 and get your free gift and learn about our extensive network connectivity, monitoring and management solutions? Well, as a last enticer, if you stick around, check out our theatre presentations at booth #728 and we will enter your name to win a $50 Visa gift card. Don’t miss out.

In conclusion, I know my bland suburban lifestyle automatically disqualifies me from coming even remotely close to being associated with one of those dapper Hollywood depicted gangsters. After all, Tony Soprano wouldn’t have been caught dead driving a mini-van (it’s my wife’s by the way), so I guess I shouldn’t quit my day job (but I will continue to watch the Godfather every time it plays on AMC. No one can take that away from me).



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