Going for the Gold with Next Generation EndaceDAG Data Capture Cards

Okay, I admit it I am a big sports fan, and just like many of you, I enjoy watching great competitions, unlike this year’s Super Bowl. That is unless of course  you’re a Seahawks fan. But every two years, we get treated to the Olympic Games. Whether they are the winter or summer games, the excitement and competition of each event include outcomes determined by fractions of a second. The Olympic judges have the benefit of precise timing equipment and instant replay to make decision on scoring each athlete. They are well aware that the accuracy of this equipment can be the difference between gold, silver or bronze, or maybe missing the podium altogether, not to mention national pride.

Another area where precise accurate timing and replay is essential is network packet capture and recording. Network and security operations teams gather and use this information to resolve network and application performance issues as well as security related events. But to make the recorded data valuable, it must be accurate (high-resolution timestamps), complete (not sampled), and collected from the right places in the network.

Endace has strengthened its position as the leader in data capture and intelligent network recorders by introducing its next generation EndaceDAG™ Data Capture Cards with Precision Time Protocol (PTP) hardware timestamp capability. PTP is approximately three orders of magnitude (1000 times) more precise than previous technologies (e.g. network time protocol or NTP), offering sub-microsecond timing accuracy that can be implemented at a fraction of the cost of specialized network time appliances (e.g. GPS receivers). Unlike the competition, EndaceDAG Cards provide PTP support through a dedicated 1Gb Ethernet (1GbE) port, which increases your return on investment (ROI), effectively enabling all 10GbE ports on the card to be used for network data streams.

Next generation EndaceDAG Data Capture Cards offer a broad range of features and outstanding performance. EndaceDAG Cards capture 100 percent of available network traffic from the wire, timestamped and transferred to host memory without loss and without impact to live network traffic. This capability makes network key performance indicators (KPIs), such as network latency and packet loss, easier to measure and allows network operation teams to take quick, decisive action to remedy issues at the network packet-level and lower time-to-resolution (TTR).

The next generation of EndaceDAG Cards provide industry-leading port density advantage with offerings in both dual-port and quad-port 10GbE configurations along with a dedicated PTP port. This effectively doubles port density and halves the price per port when compared to competing solutions that do not offer dedicated PTP ports. It provides a 2:1 port density advantage for customers using the dual-port EndaceDAG Card and a 4:1 port density advantage for customers using the quad-port EndaceDAG Card in PTP applications.

Furthermore, the EndaceDAG Card provides hardware-based processing of a host of enterprise protocols and encapsulated telecom protocols such as GPRS Tunneling Protocol (GTP) and Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) for load balancing, classification and filtering that allows EndaceDAG Cards to be deployed in core, mobile, enterprise and cloud network environments.

You can learn more about next generation EndaceDAG Data Capture Cards here.


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