Endace’s 2020/21 Internship Program
Kicks off

Our Summer Internship Program is back! Four lucky interns from a large pool went through our robust selection process and were recently welcomed into the business to start their 12-week program in our R&D center in Hamilton, NZ.

Induction Day

As part of their first day getting to know Endace and the team, each of our four interns was paired with a mentor to complete a team-building exercise (with a little friendly competition). Using only what they could find in the office, and their wits and ingenuity, they were tasked with building a race-worthy vehicle able to propel itself across the lunchroom.  The winner not only got to claim victory but also got to have their name on the build challenge trophy!  The final race, MC’d by our VP People – with her hard-hat on for health and safety – was watched by the full Engineering department, all cheering on the contestants.

Afterward, over some good food, our interns had a chance to get to know their managers, mentors, and other members of the wider Engineering team.  Included in the fun were Endace’s CEO, Stuart Wilson, and CTO, Stephen Donnelly, who were part of the judging panel of senior engineering managers.

“It was great to see the tremendous enthusiasm and teamwork from our interns on display once again, showcasing their innovative solutions and rule interpretations,” said Stephen Donnelly.

Our Program

Endace began as a University project and as an organization we have continued to have strong bonds to tertiary education through our intern program. We are proud of our history and contribution to ongoing learning.

From day one our interns learn about Endace’s history and products and develop relationships with their mentors.  This year, we are thrilled to have two mentors who, in previous years, were themselves Endace interns and offer unique insight from both sides of the relationship.  Joshua, one of the new mentors, said “my time as an intern at Endace really exceeded my expectations, offering the chance to work with people that believed in me and helped me grow my skills and kickstart my career. I am really excited to now be able to do the same for others and watch them grow over the summer.”

The 12-week intern program focuses on involving interns in commercially relevant projects and providing structured training, including lunch-and-learns that introduce the interns to other areas of the business such as finance, HR, marketing, and operations.

The intern program culminates with our interns delivering a presentation at a shared learning session involving interns and their mentors, members of the senior leadership team, and project managers.

Our interns will become sought-after graduates with meaningful, hands-on experience and we look forward to following their achievements.  We are proud of the Endace Internship Program and see it as a great way to help computer science students and graduates build talent and experience and grow the industry, as well as showcasing Endace as an employer of choice for IT and engineering graduates in New Zealand.