Changing the Game for Network Security Investigations

By Michael Morris, Director of Global Business Development, Endace

Michael Morris, Director of Global Business Development, EndaceSecurity teams are overloaded – they have too many alerts, and tools that aren’t integrated. There’s simply not enough of the right information in the hands of security analysts to enable them to investigate issues quickly and confidently.

Organizations need integrated security tools that raise their odds of detecting threats and give them the confidence that they really know what is happening – or has happened – anywhere on their networks.

Today that battle is changing. The game is being tilted in the favor of SecOps teams as analysts can now leverage the power of two powerful and tightly integrated security platforms – Corelight NDR and the EndaceProbe Analytics Platform – to detect and hunt for threats in their networks.

Corelight’s enterprise-ready Zeek and Suricata engines allow SecOps teams to fully analyze network traffic data for threats, protocol insights and application anomalies. Corelight Sensors harness the simplicity of Zeek with enterprise-level performance, scale and administrative capability to give SOCs gain rapid visibility into what’s happening on their network.

Corelight’s out of the box integration of Zeek and Suricata provides a powerful, flexible, and easy-to-deploy security platform that delivers simple and scalable network detection and the detailed insights critical to any security team.

The EndaceProbe “always-on” network recording and packet capture platform gives customers 100% visibility into every packet anywhere on the network, enabling powerful real-time and back-in-time forensic investigation and event reconstruction.

The EndaceProbe platform scales to record traffic at full line-rate across your whole environment. Delivering high-speed centralized search and easy drill-down workflows from your SIEMS or other security tools directly to the recorded network traffic relevant to a specific alert or investigation. Additionally, Endace’s open platform architecture lets you host solutions such as Corelight Sensors as virtualized instances directly on the EndaceProbe appliance to analyze the traffic in real-time as it is recorded. This hosting capability allows you to consolidate key security tools onto a common hardware platform, reducing costs and enabling agile deployment of tools to wherever you need them across your network without additional hardware rollout and configuration.

The power of combining EndaceProbes with Corelight sensors helps customers to solve difficult security challenges like supply-chain attacks or advanced persistent threats, that are often difficult to detect and enable attackers to hide for long periods in the network by camouflaging their activity using sophisticated stealth techniques such as modifying or deleting logs or other evidence.

Having powerful detection and traffic analysis integrated with a tamper-resistant record of network activity in the form of recorded packet history streamlines forensic investigations and threat hunting efforts, making security teams more efficient and effective. Real-world problems such as identifying command and control traffic, spoofed DNS, or lateral movement inside your network can be solved in minutes.

Large technology firms, banks, and government agencies around the globe are enthusiastically embracing the power of Corelight and Endace to help them better secure their environments. To learn more about how together Endace and Corelight can help you better secure your environment check out the short demo video below and Corelight’s partner page on