Endace 2023/24 Internship Program Kicks Off

Original Entry by : Katrina Schollum

By Katrina Schollum, HR Manager, Endace

The Endace Summer Internship Program has kicked off for another year, following a record amount of interest.  We recently welcomed six interns to our R&D centre in Hamilton, NZ, who will spend 12 weeks working on individual projects.

We look forward to seeing what this year’s interns can learn and achieve.

Induction Day

The first day of our internship program offers interns an opportunity to gain an understanding of what it’s like to be an Endace team member and to acquaint themselves with their individual mentors. From engaging in a conversation with our CEO, Stuart Wilson, to participating in a networking lunch and team-building activities, there was a lot to learn.

One of our new mentors, Al Edgar, IT Security Manager, said, “It’s awesome to be involved in our Intern program and to witness that we are providing young, talented individuals with a great opportunity to learn from the Endace team. You could practically sense the excitement radiating from our interns during the Induction day.”

By the end of the day, interns departed with a clear sense of their projects and an understanding of what will be required to accomplish them in our structured and supportive program.

Our Program

Over 13 weeks, the intern program focuses on commercially relevant individual projects and provides structured training, including lunch-and-learns to introduce interns to various areas of the business such as finance, HR, marketing, and operations, creating a well-rounded experience. The program culminates with interns delivering presentations at a shared learning session involving their mentors, members of the senior leadership team, and project managers.

The Endace Internship Program is an excellent way to assist computer science students and graduates in building talent and gaining experience to contribute to the industry. It also serves as a platform for showcasing Endace as an employer of choice for IT and engineering graduates in New Zealand, with our continued ties to tertiary education. Our intentional, hands-on learning approach with commercially relevant projects provides a fantastic opportunity for interns to kick-start their careers.