Endace Timing Whitepaper

When accurate timing is everything

PTP Timing WhitepaperFor many organizations, highly accurate timing is critical to providing accurate audit trails, allowing accurate reconstruction of events for security
forensics or troubleshooting microburst performance issues.

Endace CTO, Dr. Stephen Donnelly, has put together a whitepaper based on the presentation which he and Endace CEO, Stuart Wilson, presented at STAC conferences in London, Chicago and New York recently, which looks at the accuracy of PTP (IEEE 1588) timing in a live High Frequency Trading (HFT) WAN environment.

We know many customers are keen to understand the performance of Precision Timing Protocol (PTP) and whether it offers a viable method for providing accurate time synchronization to WAN sites that do not have direct access to external clock references such as GPS.

Stephen’s whitepaper, Comparing the Accuracy of GPS and PTP Timing in a Live HFT Environment, looks to answer that exact question.

We hope that you find this whitepaper useful to you and your team. Please feel free to pass it on to anyone you think may be interested.