DAG 5.5.0 software update

The new DAG 5.5.0 software release is available with some exciting and innovative new features:

Add Provenance smart data to captured packets

“Packets don’t lie – unless you don’t know where they came from.”

One of our customers said that once. And he was right.

So with DAG 5.5.0 we’re introducing a revolutionary new capability. Now you can add “Provenance” smart-data fields to your capture files and streams to provide full, contextual information about where the packets were captured and what the environment was like at the time.

Like a watermark, this Provenance smart-data resides forever with the captured packets so you can always see exactly what was going on when those packets were captured. We provide more than 250 pre-defined, smart-data fields. And you can even define your own custom data fields and formats.

Native 40GbE Support

Brand new in the new DAG 5.5 release, our quad-port DAG10X4-P cards can also be configured to provide native, lossless 40GbE capture, and 40GbE transmit. Free to existing and new DAG card owners under support. Now a single card can capture and transmit 1GbE, 10GbE or 40GbE natively, providing ultimate flexibility.

Full speed, lossless Transmit

Multi-Stream Transmit removes the transmit speed bottleneck and allows you to transmit at full speed – 20Gbps on our dual port cards (DAG 9.2SX-2DAG10X2-S and DAG 10X2-P) and 40Gbps on our quad-port card (DAG10X4-P).

How can I access the new software?

You can download the new software release and associated firmware packages from the Endace Support Portal Website.

NOTE: this requires a Support Portal login – if you don’t have one already, you can register for a login from the Endace.com website or email support@endace.com.