Endace Packet Forensics Files: Episode #15

Michael talks to Brian Ford, Assistant Professor and former Cisco Engineer.

By Michael Morris, Director of Global Business Development, Endace

Michael Morris, Director of Global Business Development, Endace

How is cyber security training and expertise affecting SecOps teams’ ability to effectively manage and secure their cyber infrastructures?

If you want to hear insights from someone with 30 years in the network security industry don’t miss our first episode of the Endace Packet Forensic Files series for 2021 with special guest, Brian Ford, Assistant Professor at the State University of New York (Farmingdale) and former Cisco Security Expert.

Brian shares his insights into how focused threat hunting can make a huge difference, not only allowing analysts to hone their security skills, but also connecting an organization’s assets, architecture, policies and procedures to elevate its security posture.  Get some tips to sharpen your skills as a cybersecurity analyst and hear why “practice” is so important for being ready for the real thing.

Finally, Brian talks about why moving from reactive operations to more proactive threat hunting helps you to better stay ahead of threat actors.  Don’t miss some great tips on things you can do to become a smarter, more effective security expert.

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