Endace Packet Forensics Files: Episode #6

Michael talks to Betty Dubois, Founder and CEO of Packet Detectives

By Michael Morris, Director of Global Business Development, Endace

Michael Morris, Director of Global Business Development, Endace

Don’t miss the latest episode of our Endace Packet Forensic Files Vidcast/Podcast series with this week’s special guest Betty Dubois, CEO /Founder of Packet Detectives and renowned Sharkfest Speaker.

Betty talks about the challenges NetOps and SecOps teams are facing in today’s IT environment. She highlights best practices teams are adopting to adjust to today’s environments and shares her recommendations about how NetOps and SecOps teams can elevate their network investigation skills and processes.

Betty also gives some great tips on how to become a packet capture and Wireshark “power-user” and addresses some of the misconceptions about PCAP data.

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