Endace Packet Forensics Files: Episode #7

Michael talks to Travis Rosiek, CTO and Strategy Office at BluVector (a Comcast company)

By Michael Morris, Director of Global Business Development, Endace

Michael Morris, Director of Global Business Development, Endace

If you haven’t caught up with the insights from our “Secure Networks – the Packet Forensics Files” vidcast/podcast series yet, here is your chance to see what you have been missing out on. This week’s special guest is Travis Rosiek, CTO and Strategy Officer for BluVector (a Comcast company).

Travis, a long-time government cybersecurity specialist, shares his insights into what he sees companies and government agencies are missing from their security strategies.  He talks about how you can begin to move your security activity from being merely reactive to a more proactive approach.

Travis discusses some of the specific challenges and advantages government agencies face compared to enterprises and what both groups can do to elevate their security posture.  He also shares his insights into best practices to protect your IT infrastructure and things to look out for in the ever-changing security landscape.

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