Endace Packet Forensics Files: Episode #33

Michael talks to NIST Fellow, Ron Ross

By Michael Morris, Director of Global Business Development, Endace

Michael Morris, Director of Global Business Development, Endace

The dynamic nature and complexity of many organizations’ cyber infrastructure makes it hard enough to keep it running and performing, let alone to maintain the highest levels of security to protect your IP and data.  But do you know what the highest level of security standards are?

In this episode of the Endace Packet Forensic files I talk with NIST Fellow, Ron Ross, who shares how cyber security standards are evolving to keep pace with new threats and challenges. Ron highlights where he sees most organizations falling short and the highest priorities they should be addressing. He shares some insights into new standards and recommendations for protecting operational technologies which are becoming an attractive target for threat actors.

Finally, Ron talks about the need to move from a mindset of “prevention” to building “resiliency” into your security architecture to stay ahead of cyberthreats.

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